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Big Changes!

First, welcome to our two newest managers.

Frank will be taking over the Hull Bonestalkers and moving them to Portland.

Mark has taken the helm of the Minneapolis Tigers.


We have completely moved all league files over to this new server. Because of this, everyone needs to download the new full league file in order to get the new FTP settings. Importing in-game will not work anymore until you’ve gotten the new league file! Install this just like you did when you first came into the league. It can be found HERE.


As part of the move and set up of the new site, we now have OOTP Online Utilities up and running. It can be found using the Online Utilities link above. Of particular note is the Exports page in Online Utilities, which you can use to make sure you latest team export has been received by the league. You can see that HERE.


Finally, we did our first Live Sim today! From now on Saturday and Sunday will feature Live Sims unless otherwise noted by the Commish. Live Sims can be viewed on the Live Sims page, linked above.


Good luck everyone!





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