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Important Links


Full League File – Last Update 17 April 2016
-The full league file. Will be updated seasonally. New GMs can use this for first time setup of the league in their game. Just extract this into your OOTP Saved Games Folder.

League Image File – Last Update 17 April 2016
-Contains all the team logos, ballcaps, and jerseys. These images do not export and import correctly so you can use this file to fix missing and incorrect artwork. Instructions are included in the file. This file will be updated whenever a team’s artwork changes.


Justafan’s Jersey Creator
-Justafan made this excellent tool for making jerseys for OOTP. Highly recommended for anyone looking to make a good look for their team.

Justafan’s Ballcap Creator
-A good jersey needs a good ballcaps, so Justafan made this excellent tool as well.

Web-based Ballpark Generator
-An awesome online utility made by eriqjaffe. This will allow you to customize park dimensions and will automatically determine ballpark factors based on the dimension you choose. Once you have the factors and dimensions to your liking you can give that information to the league commissioner for your team’s park. Remember that all factors must be between .850 and 1.150


Out of the Park Developments Home Page
-Get the game here! While you’re there, stop on the forums and thank Markus and his team for their awesome work.