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Rules and Regulations

1. Introduction

  • Genesis Baseball League (GBL) is an Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP) Online League started in April 2016.
  • The majority of our leagues rules are governed by in-game settings. In most cases all General Managers (GMs) are free to do what the game will allow them to do. Exceptions to this will be listed below. GBL will adjust these rules if necessary to maintain balance and integrity within the league.


2. Structure

2.1 Teams

  • GBL consists of 24 human controlled teams. Teams can be located anywhere in the world. Locations with a market large enough to feasibly sustain a high level professional baseball team are preferred.


2.2 Divisions

  • GBL consists of 1 league divided into 4 divisions of 6 teams each.
  • Division membership will change every season. Each off-season one team from each division will be selected to move divisions.


2.3 Minor Leagues

  • Each team will have 2 minor league levels with 1 team each level assigned.


2.4 Roster Size

  • Active Roster: 25 Players
  • Secondary Roster: 40 Players
  • High Level Minor League Roster:  28 Players
  • Low Level Minor League Roster: 30 Players
  • International Complex: 50 Players


3. Schedule

3.1 Simulation Schedule

  • GBL runs simulations 4 days a week:
    1. Tuesday at approximately 4pm EST
    2. Thursday at approximately 4pm EST
    3. Saturday LIVE SIM starting at approximately 12pm EST
    4. Sunday LIVE SIM starting at approximately 12pm EST
  • Each simulation will play out 6 days.
  • Each season will run approximately 7.5 weeks in real time.
  • Each season will be followed by a 3 week off season.


3.2 Export Deadlines

  • All owners must have their team exports completed 30 minutes prior to each scheduled simulation time:
    1. Tuesdays by 3:30pm EST
    2. Thursdays by 3:30pm EST
    3. Saturdays by 11:30am EST
    4. Sundays by 11:30am EST
  • Team changes exported after the deadline may not make it into the sim.


3.3 First Year Player Draft

  • A 5 round first year player draft will be held each off season.


3.4 Post Season

  • The playoffs will consist of a 4 team single elimination tournament.
  • Each division winner will proceed to the playoffs.


4. Offseason Schedule

  • The Offseason will be approximately 3 weeks.
  • Offseason Sim Schedule TBD


5. General Manager Expectations

5.1 Team Exports

  • GMs are expected to export their team regularly between sims.
  • GMs are encouraged to export their team between sims even if no changes were made, as it helps track activity.
  • If a team misses several exports in a row the league commissioner will make every effort to contact them. If contact is unable to be made, the GM will be replaced.
  • If a GM expects to miss more than one export in a row, they are expected to notify the league commissioner via a post or direct message on the league Slack Chat. GMs who will be absent are allowed to set the AI to run their team in their absence.


5.2 League Communications

  • All GMs are highly encourage to be active on the league Slack Chat. Most league business will be handled in the various slack chat channels.


5.3 General Conduct

  • GMs are asked to show good sportsmanship while also maintaining a competitive league. We currently take a common sense approach to most league activities.
  • GMs found to be exploitative or to cause problems in the league will be warned. Further issues may results in removal from the league.


6. Transactions

  • With the exception of trades, all transactions are currently handled in-game. There are no currently no limitations on contracts or extensions other than what are already enforced by the in game rules. This will be adjusted by the commissioner at a later time if necessary.
  • GMs found to be deliberating signing players to exploitative and unrealistic contracts in an effort game the system will be warned and may subsequently be removed from the league.


6.1 Trades

  • GMs can trade players, cash, and picks in the following season’s draft only.
  • There is no hard cash maximum for trades.
  • Trades are handled in Slack Chat in the #trade-posts channel.
    1. One GM must post the full details of the trade in the channel.
    2. The other GM must post “accepted” or “confirmed” below those details for the trade to be accepted.
  • Trades will be processed at the end of the next simulation.


6.2 Emergency Transactions

  • The commissioner reserves the right to edit team rosters or release players from teams only as necessary to continue a simulation that has been halted due to a roster problem, such as a player who’s DFA time has expired. GMs are encourage to make every effort to ensure all roster moves that will need to be made within the next 6 days of simulation time are resolved prior to exporting for that sim.


7. Team Customization

7.1 Location and Nick Name Changes

  • New GMs may change their team’s location and/or nick name with the commissioner and league’s approval their first off season with the team.
  • Existing GMs may change their team’s location and/or nick name with the commissioner and league’s approval after 5 seasons at the team’s current location.


7.2 Logo, Ballcap, and Jersey Changes

  • Team artwork can be change each off season. There is a location for submitting new artwork on the league forum.
  • Tools for helping make new artwork can be found on the league links page.


7.3 Ballpark Changes

  • Ballpark factors and dimensions can be adjusted by new GMs in their first off season with the team.
  • Existing GMs may change their team’s ballpark factors and dimensions every 5 seasons.
  • Ballpark factors and dimensions must be between .850 and 1.150.
  • Ballparks found to be unrealistic in factors and/or dimensions will be rejected by the commissioner.
  • A tool for assisting in developing a ballpark can be found on the league links page.


8. Game Settings

8.1 Global Settings

  • Scouting is Enabled
  • Scouting Accuracy is High
  • Player Actual, Potential, and Other Ratings are 1-10 Scale
  • Overall and Potential Ratings are Stars
  • Show Ratings Greater than Max is YES
  • Show Potential Less than Actual is No, Adjust
  • Player Ratings are Absolute
  • Overall Ratings are based on Pure Ratings
  • Overall Ratings are Relative to Player Position
  • Coaches are Disabled
  • Owner Goals are Enabled
  • Top Prospect Lists are Generated Annually
  • Storylines are Enabled


8.2 Player Settings

  • Injuries are Enabled
  • Injury Frequency is Normal (During the Regular Season)
  • Injury Frequency is Low (During Spring Training)
  • Delayed Injury Diagnosis is Occasional
  • Position Player Fatigue is Normal
  • Suspensions are Disabled
  • Drug Suspensions are Disabled
  • Player Personality is Enabled
  • Player Morale is Enabled
  • Player Development Speeds are 1.000
  • Talent Change Randomness is 120
  • Player Development is Enabled
  • Draft Eligible Player Development is Enabled


8.3 Other Gameplay Settings

  • All statistical modifiers are defaulted to 2016
  • All player creation modifiers are 1.0000
  • Manual Hall of Fame Voting is Enabled


8.4 League Financials

  • Salary Cap is N/A
  • Salary Floor is N/A
  • Minimum Player Salary is 507,500
  • Contract Maximum Years is 6 Years
  • Contract Extensions are Allowed


8.5 Contracts and Transactions

  • Waiver Period is 3 Days
  • DFA Period is 10 Days
  • Rule 5 Draft is Disabled
  • Options Years are Enabled
  • Players Cannot Refuse Minor League Assignment
  • Ghost Players are Enabled